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  • January 24, 2014

In this episode we show you how to create A LinkedIn Business Page. A LinkedIn Business Page has many advantages over “cheating” your personal Profile into a business account. Even if you are a small business, you can look more polished, finished, and BIGGER with a company profile page. It allows you to list products and services, which can be highlighted with links and videos. You can link each product or service to specific staff member. And you can assign multiple people as page managers, like on the other social media platforms we’ve talked about. And the most powerful aspect – page analytics and insights into who exactly is checking out your business.

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

This is yet another article from our Social Media Video Podcast, episode 7 about LinkedIn business pages. In episode 5, we talked about your personal profile on LinkedIn. The main point of that episode was how to get the most use of either building your business or trying to find a job in a new company or industry. In this article, our focus specifically is on your LinkedIn business page.
It is very important to have a LinkedIn business page as a private company or a large corporate company. A LinkedIn business page will help you maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It can also lets you connect back to and from your personal profile through a hyperlink.

Steps to create a company page on LinkedIn

  1. If you want to create your own company page, go to and type in your company name and email address.
    While I was experimenting, I realized that the email address to be used has to a domain email. A or email address will not work for this unless it is a company’s; that is This is why I strongly encourage those who have a domain to use their domain for all their business
    related emails. That is, they should customize or personalize their email address with their website. It is okay to filter this through a Gmail account for the sake of convenience, but the address should look like it’s coming from your domain.
  2. Next is to click on continue and you will be prompted to check your email inbox for a confirmation message from LinkedIn. In your inbox, you will find the message with a URL which you can copy and paste or simply click on the link. When you have confirmed by clicking on the link, you will be required to enter your LinkedIn password and sign in.
  3. Now you have a LinkedIn business page. What you’re going to do next is to update your description which you can copy and paste from your website. Pick the default language in English and make sure you’re consistent in your branding.
  4. You are going to have page Administrators just like on Facebook, and you may want to set this if you have multiple people you want to give access to manage this page. This is where the strength of your business page lies. You don’t want to be giving your personal password to people; all you have to do is simply add someone as an Administrator to the page.
  5. You can put your company type. For the industry type, you can choose the one that best suits your business. Since I am teaching about marketing, I chose that.
  6. You will be required to select the year your business started operation. Since I started my Podcast in 2013, I had to use the year.
  7. Then fill in your location if you have one. Personally, my business doesn’t have a specific location.
  8. Now click on publish.

Congrats! Now you have a LinkedIn business page. You can create a post and share it, but just know that no one is going to see it since you don’t have
followers yet.

I have just taken you through the steps to create your business page on LinkedIn.

If you have a real business with products, you can take this a step further by creating a product page for each of your products.

Let’s get started using my using my Social Marketing Video Podcast as an example. When creating a page for your product, ensure to include the product

You can put in all the features that you want searchable. These should be keywords that will make your company page more visible from searches. When someone searches those words, they will be more likely to see your page in the search results depending on the connection.

You can as well include a video that is related to the product. After inserting the URL of the video and you’re certain you have everything set the way you want, you may proceed to click on publish. You can add more products or services just by following the same steps.

It is possible to track people visiting your business page, but since you’re just setting up your page you may not be able to do this. This is one of the advantages of a LinkedIn business page to a personal profile. A personal profile usually, does not have the analytics feature. Your LinkedIn business page can be used to post job listings.

These are excellent tips on how to create a company page on LinkedIn. For more updates and tips on how to make the best out of social media, please visit .

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